The Room Where It Happened


Luume Ep. 81 A Knife

June 3, 2019





So I just point it at them and it makes the change? I don’t have to be near them? Good good. Tonight we’re gonna do something we should have a long time ago. Ash to Ash has been like an animal stuck in the trap of our loyalty to the Sands. We all came from there, and I think we all hoped they would come around to our point of view. We can’t wait anymore. The world is ending around us. So we have to cut ourselves free from all the things holding us back. It will hurt us deeply, but the satisfaction of knowing the we can start our work in earnest will ease the pain.


Plots are uncovered as the team cases the crowd of the party. With backroom deals, surprise arrivals, and just a bit of blood, it’s a buffet of fun.