The Room Where It Happened


Luume Ep. 80 Little Bird Things

May 27, 2019





We found the tear yesterday. It lines up exactly across the planes with where we came in. The energy here is so different, though. It’s focused; like it has a want of its own. It’s a radical departure from how my reality ended. There it was simply a force of nature. In the same way an earthquake doesn’t target a building or a city, the energy had the same indifference toward us. Here, though, it almost feels like there is a malice behind it. Stanton says he can push back what’s coming once he gets what he needs. I don’t know what will come for us. We left before that happened. No more running from the void.


It’s fashion week y’all. The teams infiltrates a high society party to look for clues on the whereabouts of the missing wrestlers.