The Room Where It Happened


Luume Ep. 79 Ok, It Can Be A Fancy Party

May 20, 2019





What do you need, I’m very busy. You what? You found it? Well, I’ll be damned. Did you find it by yourself or did you have the crew with you? Ok. Well, we’ll need to start moving equipment down there. Map it out if you can, I have a suspicion though, that that will be easier said than done. Did you get the readings I asked for? Oh really now? Those are far more interesting than I expected. Ok, hurry back. There is a lot of work be done. Oh, and We Are All in the Gutter, but Some of Us are Looking at the Stars, you’ll need to kill that crew. We can’t risk a leak now.

The team sets out to find the deer brothers at the behest of some old opponents of Tseer’s. We got some snooping, some dirt digging and some fashion planning.