The Room Where It Happened


Luume Ep. 78 I Have Mending pt. 2

May 13, 2019





No, Stanton, they haven’t contacted me. I’m not happy you set me up as the middle man for you little lost and found mission. I don’t work for you, we work together and that is just until we solve this problem. Don't forget that. I need to get odd here, I have work to attend to. Yes, the deer people thing. What? Yes, yeah you can have them once they’ve served their purpose. Should be about a week. Once the trap is sprung, I don’t have any use for the bait. I assume you’ll be at the club tonight? Well, I’ll see you there then.


As some members of the team try to forget, other go to great lengths to find something to fight for. Oh, and there is a wonderful family reunion.